Mr. Eastwood portrayed by Tommy Wilson

Mr. Eastwood is a hitman who is employed by The Man to remove any threats to his business, he kills Mr. Coolidge and comes close to killing 'the narrator' until he turns the tables on Mr. Eastwood and holds the gun at him. He is portrayed by Tommy Wilson, and this is his first role as a member of the 4 S.A.D.S


Mr. Eastwood was born and raised in Louisiana, until he moved to Antonna City to work for The Man. He was a hit man and was known as 'the best' by those who knew about him. He was hired by the Man to kill Mr. Coolidge without any mercy, Mr. Eastwood completes this without any hesitation. This lead to the Man paying him to kill an employee from his company. Mr. Eastwood then proceeded to chase him through a forest with two shots hitting the target, injuring him but nothing fatal. He then reloads his gun which is snatched off of him by his victim, he then goes to shot Eastwood to find that it was an empty clip in the gun. This mistake is substantial to his survival. He later writes a book entitled 'How an empty clip saved my life'. The Man then later dreams that he is killing Eastwood in front of an invisible crowd of people, only to wake up and realise he is in his office.

'The Death Of Mr Coolidge' Edit

One night in the summer of 2337, at 9PM precisely, Mr. Coolidge was asked by The Man to meet him outside of a night club to have a business based
Mr Eastwood

Mr. Eastwood with his signature raise of the gun, in the dead of night.

conversation. The Man told him specifically to come alone, he listened and came to the meetin place, and was there on time. The Man starts to talk business, he accuses Mr. Coolidge of only caring about money and not about the environment, but The Man then offers to buy his company out. Coolidge obviously refuses then The man brings out two associates, one being Mr. Bob McLatney and the other, Mr Eastwood. Eastwood raises the gun to his head, his signature move, and then shoots Coolidge in the dean of night. The bullet echoes around as the empty shell drops to the floor, The man walks over the lifeless Coolidge and just looks at him like he wish it hadn't come to this.
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