It is well known that a movie cannot be made entirely by 5 actors, so many of the 4 S.A.D.S friends have jumped in to fill in roles for the group. Comedy through the ages stared nobody other than the members, although Mr. Thorp was credited as 'Sir'. In 'Green Couture' there were seven guest appearances and there are expected to be up to twenty special guests in 'Epicon'.

Comedy Through The AgesEdit

In CTTA (Comedy through the ages) there were no guest appearances, the reason for this is that tehre were only limited roles in each scene, and no characters went on further than their ow scene, as they were scenes created by famous comedians and not by the 4 S.A.D.S. Although Mr. Thorp, a teacher at St. Josephs Catholic High School, was credited at the end of the film simply as 'Sir'. The reason he was used as the voice at the end of the little Britain scene was; "Because he has a deep, and cool voice. He was a simple choice" says Andrew Hymers. The little section that he says was also written by Andrew Hymers and shows of the 4 S.A.D.S originality, which is shown at least once in each scene.

Green CoutureEdit

Green Couture was written by Jake of the 4 S.A.D.S and therefore, all the charactersfeatured in the film coul only be played by the one actor and as their were various roles in the film, many of their friends were asked if the could fill in as certain roles.

  • James McAllister was credited as Scientist One.
  • Joseph Fryer was credited as Scientist Two.
  • John Ghilay was credited as Italian businessman, Arabic businessman and Deathman.
  • Adam Grad as Polish businessman.
  • Kevin Johnston as Barrie the worker.
  • Daniel Rice as worker one, random guy and British Businessman.
  • Lewis Tilley as worker two.
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