Green Couture
Green Couture

Directed By

Jake Langley


Jake Langley

Andrew Hymers

Danny Cummings

Brendan Reilly

Tommy Wilson

John Ghilay

Adam Grad

James McAllister

Joseph Fryer

Daniel Rice

Lewis Tilley

Written By

Jake Langley

Produced By

4 S.A.D.S

Green Couture (released in December 2009) was the second film by the 4 S.A.D.S and was the first to be a completly original script. It is the story of the end of the world. It follows a character who tries to stop it from happening but subsequenly finds that everybody needs to contribute.



Narrator: The narrator is the main character of the film whos name is never revealed throughout the film, he works as a waste disposer for a company owned by The Man. He gets annoyed after he over hears a conversation about recycling, that the man isn't recycling so he tries to recycle himself but this dis-pleases his boss who actually tries to get him assasinated.

The Man: The Man is seen as the villian in Green Couture, he is a young, playboy billionaire who cares about nothing but money, previously a guitarist of the early 23rd century, he became a business man and this changed him completly.

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